Thank You For Spreading Some Comfort & Joy

Comfort & Joy 2020 has now come to a close and from all of us here we would love to give you the biggest thanks of all, for helping us to brighten the Christmas period of those in care and to help us raise money for those who care.

Comfort & Joy was enjoyed by over 3000 people and we raised over £300 for Carers Trust. We are overjoyed with these numbers and what we managed to achieve during these difficult times.

We have been inundated with stories of children dancing, residents of care homes singing along and a sense of togetherness watching our online concert. We love hearing these and it warms our hearts to think about you all enjoying our concert safely in your own homes. Hopefully it won’t be too long till we can be back performing live again, sharing these special moments together.

We would truly appreciate it if you wanted to share your stories with us from watching Comfort & Joy and of course if you have any feedback from the concert we are all ears. Please email us at or give Ben a call on +44 (0) 7548 149462.

Comfort & Joy Will Return!

Following the heartwarming success of Comfort & Joy 2020, we are delighted to start the ball rolling for Comfort & Joy 2021.

Comfort & Joy 2021 will be available to stream from 1st December 2021 - 5th January 2022.

There is much yet still to organise and we have opened an early registration process for you to sign up. Simply click here to register for Comfort & Joy 2021.

All that’s left to do is say Thank You again and wish you a wonderful and prosperous year. We are so excited for Comfort & Joy 2021 and hope you join us for another festive year.


Ben Papworth

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