Comfort & Joy Returns With 3 New Digital Concerts!

Comfort & Joy managed to capture the magic of live entertainment and transform it into the digital world, creating a bespoke concert that won the hearts of thousands up and down the UK. It garnered critical acclaim in both the national press and even on BBC News for it’s ingenuity and thoughtfulness for those who thought they were unable to access live entertainment during Christmas 2020.

After Christmas, our director’s mum (a private carer) brought to the Comfort & Joy’s team that often those in care are only thought of at Christmas, but why not continue to serve your audience throughout the whole year? In our inaugural year we have undertaken the promise to fulfil a concert every three months performed by West End professionals with our unique audience in mind every time.

2021’s Concert series will include three bespoke digital concerts: an MGM Musical Show featuring the classic musical era of Judy Garland, Gene Kelly & Bing Crosby; an intimate and warming concert capturing Wartime classics from the likes of Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters and of course Dame Vera Lynn and finally wrapping up the year with our signature Christmas Concert filled with festive cheer and new favourite Christmas anthems. Each show is directed by multi-award winning director Andrew Keates and international musical director, Ben Papworth.

Comfort & Joy 2021 Concerts will be available through DVD only

Along with each DVD of the concert you will receive a glossy programme for the concert, ideas to create an event around the concert designed specifically around the theme of each concert, and other bits and pieces to augment the Comfort & Joy Concert series.

Each concert will be priced at just £15, or you can subscribe for the year for a one off payment of £45 and receive a FREE copy of our 2020 Christmas concert.

Why does Comfort & Joy now cost?

Comfort & Joy 2020 was a great success and we are so warmed by the volume of kind donations and orders that aided us to reach those in care up and down the UK.

All cast and creatives gave their time and their talent for free in order to bring to life Comfort & Joy and we are forever grateful for their generosity and kindness to us. Going forward we feel it appropriate to pay everyone involved in creating our series of Concerts for the heaps of talent and creativeness they bring to your screens.

Artists, musicians, actors, directors, tech teams and so many more have been hit so hard by Covid-19 both emotionally and financially. Watching theatres close and remain dark, losing planned work for an entire year and with some having to leave the industry to remain on top of bills and living costs.

Comfort & Joy can provide paid professional jobs for artists in such difficult times whilst creating fresh, affordable and exciting concerts for those in care.

Our Mission

Comfort & Joy has a goal to create bespoke, accessible, and quality entertainment for those in care. We want to devise fresh and exciting concerts whilst keeping people in care and those who work in care at the heart of our concept.

We can’t wait to share these wonderful concerts with you, and here’s to a wonderful season!


Ben Papworth

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