Frequently asked questions

How can I watch Comfort & Joy's concerts?

All our concerts are delivered to you in DVD format so it's super easy for you to watch your concert. If you would like to watch a concert in another format, please get in contact and we will do everything to accommodate this.

When will I receive my DVD?

Here is a schedule for when you can expect to take delivery of your DVD: Music From The MGM Musicals will be available from June 2021 We'll Meet Again will be available from September 2021 Comfort & Joy Christmas 2021 will be available from December 2021

I'm not involved in care, can I still buy a concert?

Of course you can! We would love to share our concerts with as many people as possible. Concerts are designed with people in care in mind, so are around 45 minutes in length. By buying a concert to watch you are helping us to reach more people in care, so thank you!